Products for Institution

The following are some of the products for institutions (banks, funds, money managers, portfolio managers and their traders). What is unique about these products that they are tailored for the word of currencies. While there are literally thousands of products, most - if not all - fail to address the real needs of institutions and professionals working with currencies. Examples of such failures are many:

  • No news feed that are relevant for currency traders. E.g. economic news completely missing.
  • Incomplete or missing calendar of important events.
  • Even the premium-rate data feeds missing vital data and indices about future markets, or gold markets, or options, etc. and the list is very long.
  • While a platform might provide 100+ technical indicators, their relevance to currencies are not considered.
  • Vital forms of technical charts missing from charting software.
  • No support for back testing currencies with leverage, interest rates, currency-related money management or portfolio back-testing is even completely missing.
Training Products

Money management

To train the benefits (how to protect capital) and drawbacks of stops (e.g. how they reduce profit or even cause losses with working strategies) a money management education package can be used. Other subjects are: high probability trades, risk-reward ratios, etc.

Currency Trade Simulator using Fundamental Data

Learning currency trading is not possible without the use of fundamental data. Uniquely providing historical fundamental data, the currency trade simulator can "back-test" and "optimize" the trader. Testing, educating him or her on proper use of both technical and fundamental data as well as other forms of analyses correctly use.

Currency Trade Simulator is a sort of time machine. It takes the trader back in time, and he must make his or her trading decisions using technical data and fundamental data without being able to cheat (and look at the next day news or charts).

The only better way to train traders is to let them trader in the present time with real money, however, that is a bit time consuming and sometimes expensive. It is much less time consuming option to take the trader back to the past in a "time machine" and show him the news, charts and other information as it was in the past on that day.

Carry Trade Portfolio Tester

While carry trades are very popular among hedge funds and other institutions, there are practically no testing tools exist to verify currency portfolios covering also interest rate changes and their impact throughout the history of the portfolio.

The Carry Trade Portfolio Back Tester combined with Currency Trade Simulator might be the best tools for some hedge funds to invest their money to verify their trading decisions and educate their traders, portfolio managers, money managers for such a sophisticated trade set up.

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