Trader education:

Gary Norden:
Aaron Lynch:
Daryl Guppy:
David Land:
Christopher Tate, Louise Bedford:
Jake Bernstein:
Jeff Greenblatt:
Justin Vandergrift:
Kel Butcher:
Tom Scollon
Guy Bower chairman of
Daryl Guppy
David Land (analyst at CMC):
Michael Covel:
Justni Vandergrift:
Joe Ross: He teaches beginners. He teaches spread trading which might be interested for me.
Larry Williams:
Deam Fergie:
James Cordier, Michael Gross:
Kell Butcher
Kerry Johnston
Chesea Reid
Alexandar Schwarz: (Specializes in automated trading, to be checked out, lots of excellent articles in traders mag.)
Jorg Meyer:, Writes articles on systems on his site.
Nazila Jafari:
Detlef Wormstall:
Clem Chambers: (Clem wrote very discouriging articles in Traders.)
Mchael Bellersen:
Daryl Guppy:
Richard Olsen, Michael Stumm (Oanda founders):
Dan Valcu:
Noble DraKoln: (a writer of informative Futures and Forex books)
Rich Swannell: (Programming and Eliott Waves)
Matt Blackman:
Michael harris: Backtesting techniques on technical patterns, both examples in MetaStock and TradeStation. Good idea to check.
Martin Laurence Kemp: (Tradinging Couch with focus on emotions).
Chris Mercer: (Currently moved to Forex trading)
Steve Anderton,
Rocco Grafe: (Wrote excellent article on trading with anti-channel. He offers options trading service.)
Edward Ponsi (Chief Trading Instructor for the FX Power Course),
Goerke Ralf: (published technical articles).
Bo Yoder: Auther of Mastering Futures Trading.
Paul Lange:
Dimitri Speck:
Detlef Wormstall: (Wrote article on tradnig platforms).
Alexandar Couroupis: Articles in Traders.
Jan Arps:
Thomas Czinkota:,
Liz Ann Sonders at Charles Schwab.
William Akerman,
Marko Strehk:
Harald Weygand: (He writes in undserstanble style. He wrote e.g. about spider pattern applying to all markets including forex.)
Vaughn Okumura: (He made 2 million in tradign).
Jody Osborne: (Writes about Options in Traders.)
Adam Hartley: (A programmer and fund manager and hypnotist)
Joe Ely:
Matt Blackman,
Faik Giese:
Jurgen Nauert: Winner of trader's competition.
Edward Ponsi: FX Power Course, instructor. (URL leads to FXCM).
Tim Gudat: (A system trader, individual.)
Thomas Preston: He wrote some useful but theoritical articles using e.g. pair-trading.
Philipp Kahler:
Bjorn Borchers:
Jens Rabe:
Peter Janoschka:

Magazines - Online information source.

Forex Funds/Account Managers (Olson is founder of Oanda, by the way).

Downloadable Historical Data:

Trading Tools (can update prices from free Yahoo). Provides search on securities using sophisticated rules. So no need to do the stock picing yourself after all. eSignal scripts and user forum.

Business Opportunities: Offers a trading desk service to companies. offerts news, etc. services. Possibility to add google addvertisments. Study data from Offers traders service.

Information: Detailed Beginners Guide. Economic callendar, informations from banks and many more. Probbly the best information source available for Forex traders.

Others, Random Bookmarks:

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