Only their Forex relevance marked here.

Generally, it is believed that Forex market impacts these markets. However, it is the actual markets of real products that make the world of foreign (currency) exchange. So I do believe, it is good to know the most important markets:

Beside trade flows, another example is money flow. Ff investors get their money away from NASDAQ, NYSE (Indices of these fall) and away from US dollar, the Forex market gets impacted, dollar falls.

Another example would be a growth in gold and silver investment can signal the fall of US dollar or the currency which is used buying these. People tend to buy gold when they are afraid of value loss of the currency.

A third example would be futures and options on currencies. Companies use these financial products to hedge against currency exposure. Growth interest in such products signals uncertainity about the future of a certain currency.

AMEX, American Stock Exchange,
CBoT, Chicago Board of Trade,, financials and indices, raw materials
CME, Chicago Mercantil Exchange,, contracts, options on currencies, indices.
Eurex US, Eurex US,, contrats and American government stocs
ISE, International Secuirities Exchange,
KCBT, Kansas City Board of Trade,
NQLX, Nasdaq,
NYBoT, New York Board of Trade,, contracts, options on indices
NYSE, New York Stock Exchange,
NYMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange,, energy-raw materials
ME, Montreal Exchange,, futures and options on indices and interest rates.
EUREX, European Exchange,,
Euronext.liffe, Euronext.liffe,, futures and options on raw m. and interest products, indices.
IDEM, Italian Stock Exchange, IDEM,
MEFF, Spanish Official Exchange for Financial Futures and Options,
SWX, Swiss Exchange,
LSE, London Stock Exchange,
PSE, Prague Stock Exchange,
WSE, Warsaw Stock Exchagne,
BUX, Budapest Stock Exchange,, Since, I am Hungarian, I can joke about this. I think it is a terrible choice of a name. If you pronounce the world in Hungarian, it means "you loose".
TSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange,, Since I trade JPY good to watch the index.
OSE, Osaka Securities Exchange, futures on indices and bonds.
TIFFE, Futures Exchange,, Financial futures like Euroyen
TCE, Tokyo Commodity Exchange,
OSAMEX, Osaka Mercantile Exchange,, futures on metal and raw material
SGX, Singapore Exchange,, Asian indices, bonds
HKFE, Hong Kong Futrues Exchange,
KOFEX, Korean Futures Exchange,
KSE, Korea Stock Exchange,
BSE, Bombay Stock Exchange,
RTS, Russian Stock Exchange,
SPBEX, St. Petersburg Stock Exchange,
SNFE, Sidney Futures Exchange,
ASX, Australian Exchange,
SAFEX, Securities Exchange South Africa,

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