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If US economy gets weaker against Japan, the JPY should strengthen.

Inerest rates:

Higher the interest, the stronger the currency.

On the other hand, high interes-rate -> investors withdraw money from stock market -> negative effect on currency.

Balance of Trade

If a country imports more than it exports, it means currency is going out, which should weaken the currency.


The benchmark of economy. GDP on the increase, ecnomy on the increase, strong the currency.


Production Manager Index indicator of industry. Above 50 is expension, below 50 is contraction.

Industrial Production

Factory prodcution level, taking also inventory into consideration.

Central Banks

They can alert, support or devalue of their currency. Central banks intentions must not be ignored.


In turmoil, capital goes out of the country, currency goes down. Especially important if trading currencies like HUF (being non-major currency).

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