Who is the right person?

When you are reading books, listen to lectures or attend courses. Be sure to understand that you might need a different training.

The most successful fund manager, might not be the right choice teacher. Why?

First, of all, managing a fund with millions or billions is different from managing an account with 5.000. In fact, it might be easier to double a 5.000 in a few days than even to invest millions into a single share.

Banks and fund manager are trading with different purpose in mind and with different strategies than us.

Specialization is also part of the game.

NASDAQ works differently than New York Stock Exchange. US stocks work differently than others. Different financial products respond differently to news or to various indicators. The world of trading is so large that you can get easily lost in it.

Find an area for your-self that you would like to master and concentrate on your own niche. Don't start all strategies at once, but build your knowledge slowly.

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