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The following books are recommendations of O'Neil:

O'Neil is the inventor of CANSLIM method, founder of He mostly focuses in buy and hold strategies by buying at the right stocks at the right time and selling them on the top (with his top picking method) or replacing them with a better performing buy'n'hold stock. His ideas are based no analyzing the top performing stocks of the last 50 years both using technical and fundamental tools.

William J. O'Neil: 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success <- Probably the gentlest introduction to do it properly.

William J. O'Neil: How to Make Money in Stocks

G.M. Loeb: The Battle for Investment Survival

H. Neil: Tape Reading and Market Tactics

J. Livermore: How to Trade in Stocks

E. Lefevre: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Burton Cane: The Sophisticated Investor

N. Darvas: How I made Two Million Dollars in the Stock Market

Bernard Baruch: My own Story

Peter Lnych: One up on the Wall Street

Louis Engel: How to Buy Stocks (for beginners only)

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