There are dozens of good financial newspapers. There are hundreds of useful trading tools, and thousands of strategies.

But information in itself will not make us money.

One useful advice: find a mentor. Or even better, a coach to train you to be a good and profitable trader.

Most people who fail at trading, fail because they did not find the right teacher to learn from.

How to find him?

But how to find the the right teacher?

There are money false prophets out there.

There are brokers who only teach you how to use their software so that They can make money on you.

It is interesting to note, that these brokers somewhat think backward. Their interest would be actually that you make lots and lots of trades. If you sink fast, their income also disappear fast.

Money is a powerful force to wake up greed in us. With greed we are ready to pay for any preacher who tells us we are going to be rich. There are endless number of preachers who know "the game" of telling us what we would like to hear.

So choose a teacher, who is successful himself. And choose wise.

Second, make sure he is indeed a teacher, a trainer or a coach and that he is good at training you.

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