1. Study through
  2. Check "Amibroker" as the analyzes tool for forex use (wrote e-mail to support)
  3. An Australian brokerage firm.
  4. CFD provider.
  5. CDF provider.
  6. Universal trading platform
  7. A free trading platform. 400:1 leverage. 80 technical indicators, etc.
  8. Trading platform.
  9. Trading platform.
  10. Australian broker offers a good financial callendar of newreleases.
  11. Go trough trading support tools.
  12. has training matterials.
  13. Halifax Investment Services (Australia) provides free of charge training and brokering (also in Forex with 1:100).
  15. eSignal has some interesting articles on its education pages:
  16. TradeStation EasyLanguage and eSignal Formula Script are two of the market leaders. So study
  18. (Futures trading platform.)
  19. (contains graph overlays of commodity prices versus stock prices for example.
  20. A guy who is trading champion.
  21. has good workable option strategies.
  22. Must check how option selling works on Forex!
  23. The most succesful investor Dan Zanger:
  24. It also supports mobile phone platform.
  25. E-signal listed the followings as "quality" Forex data provider: HotSpot FX, Insituation and Retail and Tullett & Tokio Liberty)
  26. Check (GTIS) for real time data displays several banks information on the paltform.
  27. I have sent e-mail to about their platform. It looked very impressive. Unique feature that it ties into XLS for scripting.
  28. Point&Figure charts and Renko charts. Since currencies tend to trend, these forgotten techincal anal tools can be used effectivly. They filter out sideways moves from the display of the price.
  29. Check daily research reports. They reference news, statistics, comments from banks, etc.
  30. Whitelabeling.
  31. Check as that is the platform of Liet, my favourite writer.
  32. Study: Economic callendar, informations from banks and many more. Probbly the best information source available for Forex traders.
  33. Check MetaStock. It seem to be the prefered backtesting software in the magazine I read.
  34. Level II strategies thought by
  35. Historical data from CBOE:
  36. Japanese information:
  37. is UK CFD trader.
  38. Bollinger Online Passport, one time paymetn gives access to,,,
  39. provides historical statistical analyes of strategies including the currency market.
  40. a tool that can be bought get for free to price options and based in XLS.
  41. Check and the othe social services and other stuff they provide like evaluation of tools.
  44. "MSN Money Investment Toolbox" usable to screen for shares.
  45. Trade2win has "The best software for..." sort of cathegories. A worth to check.
  46. Uses backtesting and find patterns to trade on. Check for Forex! Metastock what they like.
  48. Chris Mercer:
    (Guy statistics is 60-70% of them are winners. Loosers are 25-30 pip. Winners are on avarage 70-80 pip. Uses automated scripts.)
  49. Saxobank's trading platform has built in anayses tools.
  50. A list of softwares and trading platforms.
  51. The Pristine Day Trader (forum of Oliver Velez the writer of Mast Day Trader). One of the best forums available.
  53. I write enquire to a well-known history data provider.
  54. is a backtesting tool. They list and can work together with a large list of data providers.
  55. Find out about "RS of Houston Day Trading Workshop" by Ron Schoemmell and Valdi Thorkelsson. Check if they have more on FX related trading.
  56. Check more into RealTick if I have time.
  57. Bureau Schneider Group, Mac Futures Limited, REFCO Tradnig PLC, Pelican West, offers trader training to just graduates. Write e-mail to wja@quantigma for more info.
  58. Check APS (Automatic Pattern Search) available e.g. to search NASDAQ stocks. Metastock or Tradestation can be used for backtesting.
  60. Lists tools such as TradeStation, eSignal, MultiCharts, Bloomberg (they provide real time data) , CQG, Metastock. Worth to investigate these products for Forex availabity.
  61. List over 160 mechanical trading platforms. Read Futures Truth Magazine.
  62. for eSignal they have an Open Positions Manager for options. It is an Excel ad on.
  64. (they have some kind of APS - Automatic Pattern Search. Probably useless and trivial stuff but let's check out.) It must be used in combination with Metastock or TradeStation.
  65. searches for spreads. They guy called Charles Cottle implemetned one-click Hybrid Hedges called DARTs. Together it might be an excellent way to trade. His book is Coulda, WOulda Shoulda freeley downloadable at It worths a look as hedging often contain cash as one of its leg. He also have a website He also offers courses.
  67. OptionVue marketleader and offers option pricing baseed on historical data for US and Australia markets. It is using eSignal data feed.
  68. Check Reuters DataLink for Forex data. provides acces. They advertise MetaStock to use with end of day data, though.
  69. Check also Reuters Dealing 3000.
  70. created by Vaughn Okumura whose porfolio - according to him - went from 35.000 to 7.000 to 2 million in ten years. The site has some good collection of sentiment indicators.
  71. Some articles by Judy Osborne on options.
  72. Somehow they are partner with Online Trading Academy with NASDAQ level II access:
  73. A videa by Online trading academy on Forex. (Maybe not there?)
  74. Provides historical on Forex? I did not see it on their pricelist., I wrote them a question about it. They have some backtesting software.
  75. provides historical for commodities. But how about Forex?
  76. They develop automated systems. Maybe, they can give me forex?
  77. (Dan Zangler uses this.)
  78. Trader's education.
  79. They have some FX related service which is probably that they might have historical.
  81. (Performance of FX automated tradnig systems). From
  82. Get a collection of Free Forex books!
  83. Forex options: and Saxobank, maybe
  84. Bloomberg, Reuters are data providers. Other sites to check:,
  85. Historical data of Forex. Very detailed by several brokers.
  86. gives historical data but their pricing model is wierd. They quoted me a price of 50.000 EUR.
  87. The also provides historical data but it is very pricy service with all add-ons.
  88. Free information and tools on trading.
  89. is a dedicated site providing free tools and data for people who would like to invest.
  90. and Provides really cool tools.
  91. Block trading platform for Forex.
  92. One of the best information portal.
  93. Metatrade has the following related platforms:
  94. Rarakni forexfactory news idopontjait a chartra, es megnezni, hogy lehet-e veluk profitosan kereskedni.
  95. Write to Ed Ponsi (see my gmails) from trading academy ("eponsi at" the usual academy e-mail)
  96. Mike L. sais to check Freedomrocks at It sounds very cool website.
  98. has useful newsletter
  99. has also a newsletter.
  100. newsletter

Some other infor sources on Forex:, Aime, OpenFX, Bay Area Forex Group, TradeNet, Day Trading Tutor, Executive Trading Services, International Currency Services, Show Me FX, The Rumpled One, Trading International, TUCO trading, Tradesigh, Forex Early Warning, FXTicker, Forex Factory, 4XME,

Strategies to Check into

  1. Slow Stochastic oscilator 14-3-3 %K and %D lines cross overbough, oversold states. They are good in trendless market action e.i. in consolidation.
  2. in trends use "trend following" indicators. Trendlines work excellent.
  3. When Frankfurt opens, the GPB/USD will hit a high in few minutes (can be used as a stop). Then price retreats usually countertrend. London tradign starts one hour later. Within few minutes price will hit low. The the price reverses. If the old high is exceeded a buy order is entered. The initial stop is placed no lower than 40 pips below the buy price. banks are fishing for stops is the reason for the strategy.
  4. Spread betting strategies. Buying in one market, and selling in another market at the same time and expecting that one of the markets will outperform the other. E.g. selling a US tock excahnge index, and buying a French stock exchange index expecting that the French outperforms the US one. How would yuo apply this strategy to FX market? Check
  5. Spread betting number 2 strategy. Doing a callendar spread using options or futures. How to benefit from this? Check
  6. DAX, DAX-Future and Euro. Bund-future and S&P. By the way, these can be forerunners of NASDAQ, Eurostoxx or other currencies. Hmm. Maybe, I trade the wrong way trading EUR instead of knowing it?
  7. 1-2-3/Trend Change pattern used on EuroFX. Taking max 15 pip risk on daytrade.
  8. Alligator System from Bill Williams. It seems very useful.

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